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New features making cutting more efficient

(Source: Zünd)
(Source: Zünd)

To make digital cutting workflows for leather and textile applications easier, more efficient and more profitable, Zünd has added new features to the Mind software suite. This is the most significant and comprehensive software update since Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Altstätten/Switzerland, first introduced the Mind workflow suite 5 years ago.  
The first new feature is the improved UI, which is now even more intuitive, enables deeper integration with MIS data and production workflows and with additional tools specific to textile processing. It also offers new possibilities in the exchange of data with third-party suppliers.  
With Version 5.3, MindGest now supports scan-to-stock and scan-to-order workflows. In the scan-to-stock workflow, hides are digitalized and then temporarily “stocked” until production can proceed. This is in contrast to the inline process, in which hides are captured/digitized and parts are nested directly on the Zünd cutting system. Furthermore, the labels for marking digitalized hides can now be individually designed.
For print & cut textile applications, among other things, the system now also supports register marks created in Zünd Cut Center (ZCC). Furthermore, MindCut is now also compatible with PrimeCenter and RIP software from other manufacturers through multi-layer PDFs.   
With adjustments made to the step-by-step guidance through the nesting process, the nesting portion of the UI in MindGest has been improved as well. Users now have the option to graphically display relevant production data and are able to see anticipated nesting times at a glance. Pattern matching has also been improved.  
The Model Importer has also been enhanced with additional functionalities, e.g. with the option to automatically create seam allowances.

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