Zünd: Automatic monitoring increases producti...

Automatic monitoring increases productivity

(Source: Zünd)
(Source: Zünd)

Compiling production data from integrated cutting systems into meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs), such as cutter capacity, availability, and overall equipment effectiveness, Zünd Connect creates transparency and identifies areas in the digital cutting workflow with potential for optimization. The monitoring tool from Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Altstätten/Switzerland, helps the user recognize this potential and increase productivity. 

The web-based monitoring tool gives the user access to cutter-performance data. Reliable KPIs are available at all times to help maximize productivity. The system records productivity levels over a freely definable period using Zünd Cut Center (ZCC) as data source. This comprehensive overview of production data reveals connections that are often overlooked. The tool supplies valuable information for assessing how efficiently cutting systems are working.  

Zünd Connect consists of multiple dashboards with specific options for evaluating data: The dashboard provides past production data and indicates, e.g. fluctuations in machine utilization. The job list shows a list of processed jobs, what they entailed, the time it took to produce them, and the cutting distance traveled per job.  

Loss detection visualizes losses in terms of time. It shows, for example, when process interruptions tend to occur most often. Interruption statistics lists the reasons for such interruptions. The statistical representation shows the user how many hours the cutters were unable to produce during a specified period because of machine interruptions.

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