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Enhancing environmental performance

(Source: ZDHC)
(Source: ZDHC)

To enhance sustainable chemical management and cleaner chemistry principles ZDHC and Oeko-Tex have joined forces. Their aim is to empower the textile/apparel and leather/footwear industries to improve its environmental impact by optimizing industry guidelines and solutions through collaborative efforts. This partnership seeks to drive sustainability while meeting the needs of chemical formulators/manufacturers, suppliers, brands, and retailers. The goal is to create a cohesive approach to sustainable chemical and product management across global value chains. Although the Oeko-Tex Association, Zurich/Switzerland, has been collaborating with the ZDHC Foundation, Amsterdam/Netherlands, for over 5 years, this formal agreement will augment the benefits of both organizations to brands and their suppliers.
»Together, we aim to accelerate sustainable chemical management, responsible production, and safer materials. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a sustainable future for the industry.«
Frank Michel, Executive Director, ZDHC Foundation

The collaboration agreement provides the organizations with a framework for the following:
•    The Oeko-Tex Eco Passport is an established certification approved for certifying conformance against the ZDHC MRSL V3.1. The certification is available from all Oeko-Tex Eco Passport laboratories. In order to display the certificates, Chemical Formulators need to register the products to the ZDHC Gateway.
•    The collaboration will continue to smooth-out alignment with the upcoming ZDHC Chemicals to Zero Program and deepen the knowledge transfer between technical groups across both organizations.
•    Both parties agree to pursue a path where Oeko-Tex will promote ZDHC products and platforms (e.g. the Gateway, InCheck, ClearStream) to minimize duplication and promote harmonization in the industry.
•    Oeko-Tex STeP customers will get easy access to the ZDHC Gateway and the ZDHC Supplier to Zero Program, which will increase their readiness for the Oeko-Tex STeP certification. Wastewater testing for Oeko-Tex STeP directly translates into a ZDHC ClearStream, simplifying customer requirements. The roll-out is planned for late summer 2023.
•    STeP customers already benefit from the Oeko-Tex x The BHive’s partnership. It enables customers to digitalize their chemical inventories. Through The BHive customers can conduct ZDHC Performance InCheck and conformance checks against the ZDHC Gateway, the largest database of chemical products certified against the ZDHC MRSL.
•    ZDHC and Oeko-Tex will establish data sharing processes that will stand to benefit customers (e.g. in the Eco Passport process and through listing on the ZDHC Gateway).This collaboration will strengthen data quality, making performance and impact evaluation increasingly more credible. The respective roll-out timeline is to be determined in the upcoming months.
The location and respective services of Oeko-Tex institutes can now also be found on the ZDHC Find Your Expert Platform.

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