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Yarn Expo

Carbon neutrality and circular economy

(Source: Yarn Expo)
(Source: Yarn Expo)

Eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable products are the purchasing trends for this season. Green and sustainable fibers were the most important topics, alongside carbon neutrality and circular economy during Yarn Expo Autumn in October in Shanghai/China. Exhibitors noticed that more domestic companies were inquiring about green materials and asking in-depth questions about product credibility. The fair’s New Fiber New World – Textile Materials Innovation Forum offered insights into the latest R&D achievements in green and sustainable fibers, prompting the industry to take more action against climate change.
With 3 quarters of the world’s unwanted garments ending up in the landfill, the textile machinery manufacturer Rieter AG, Winterthur/Switzerland, is committed to using less raw material and diverting waste away from the landfill. In fact, Rieter’s rotor recycling system can support the production of recycled yarns with an amount of up to 75% post-consumer material, and up to 60% post-consumer material. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Cowes/UK, only 12% of the global material for clothing was recycled into lower-value applications for other industries, including insulation material, wiping cloths and mattress stuffing. By recycling pre- and post-consumer goods into quality fibers and yarns, Rieter brings added value to textile products and broadens their application after being recycled.
The company also invested in developing modern technologies and sustainable machinery for processing recycled fibers as well. Besides improving the utilization rate of raw and recycled materials, Rieter’s machines also boast lower consumption of energy, water and chemicals. For machines that have been operating for a period of time or second-hand machines, Rieter can upgrade their spare parts to improve production efficiency, which is another area of sustainability efforts.

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