Uster : Two-way track to optimum fiber cleani...

Two-way track to optimum fiber cleaning

(Source: Uster)
(Source: Uster)

Spinning mills play a continuing role in the development of system improvements. This is leading to constant progress in fiber cleaning, and thus connected with reductions in costs, less waste, and a stress-free experience for the spinners.
The Uster Jossi Vision Shield illustrates this well, with both the model T and model 2 well established in the market. Over 2,000 installations in spinning mill blowrooms around the globe testify to its success. The detection capabilities of the Jossi Vision Shield come from the sensors and the imaging recognition technology. This is an image analysis technique developed by Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland. The smallest particle of contaminant will be picked out, helped by unmatched image recognition.
Such detection performance might make some spinners nervous that too much good cotton might be ejected with the contaminants. Uster Jossi Vision Shield speed measurement feature provides a notable reduction in waste. By continuously measuring the velocity of the passing cotton tufts, the system can adapt the duration of each ejection, so that a minimum of material is removed with the contaminant. Mill trials have proved that optimizing ejection times in this way results in less waste per ejection.
The software built into Jossi Vision Shield is under continuous improvement. Algorithms are adapted to take account of customer feedback, which is proactively requested and passed on via Uster Service to the research and development teams.
Spinners will welcome the latest improvements focused on KPIs for irregularity in performance. The new data allows subsequent processes to be considered. In a high-quality segment, fiber cleaning settings can be set to tight tolerances, without increasing waste. For less critical applications, spinners can retain existing quality settings and see waste reduced, with fewer ejections. In all cases, mills can expect improvements in the balance between quality and efficiency.

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