Uster : Improved yarn data analysis reduces f...

Improved yarn data analysis reduces faults and maintenance time

(Source: Uster)
(Source: Uster)

Spinning mills can now intelligently correlate ring quality data and winding quality data in a single system. In a case study from a medium-sized spinning mill in India, Uster-Muratec RSO 3D was installed as part of an expansion project. The installation includes 30 compact ring spinning machines with Uster Sentinel, in combination with Muratec Qpro Ex/Fpro Ex featuring Spin Inspector and Uster Quantum yarn clearers. On these machines from Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, and Muratec Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto/Japan, the customer produces 100% combed cotton yarn, in counts Ne 26 and Ne 32. 

Using RSO 3D the spinner was able to reduce yarn faults by 10% and yarn alarms by 12% in both counts with RSO 3D. Quality blocks were reduced by a further 7% and finally clearer quality cuts by 8%. Overall, total yarn splices were reduced by 5%, producing about 5 kg more good yarn per machine per month. The overall gain for the spinner totals US $35,000/year, apart from significant savings due to reduced clearer cuts. 

Further advantages can also be expected in downstream processes. Fewer cuts mean the yarn has fewer potential weak points leading to less stoppages due to yarn breaks. This makes it possible to adapt subsequent process speeds, while the customer will also benefit from an improved fabric appearance. 

Uster Sentinel notifies the operators from a distance about individual yarn breaks. The system uses signal lamps at the head of the machine, at the relevant section, and at the affected spinning position, meaning the operator is logically guided to the next yarn break. 

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