Uster: 2 product launches of yarn cleaner and...

2 product launches of yarn cleaner and softwear

Uster Quantum 4.0 – The connected yarn quality assurance system (Source: Uster)
Uster Quantum 4.0 – The connected yarn quality assurance system (Source: Uster)

The new Quantum 4.0 yarn clearer and the Q-Bar 2, introduced in March and in April 2021 respectively by Uster Technologies AG, Uster/Switzerland, will be shown alongside with new Quality Expert software with the latest Mill Dashboard feature at the ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai/China.

The Quantum 4.0 yarn clearer offers the best of capacitive and optical sensor technologies for intelligent yarn quality control and optimized profitability. Spinners can access full security in quality control, ensuring the best clearing mode is applied. The yarn clearer enables this through a simple capacitive/optical switch. This allows greater flexibility in the yarn types which can be produced, while also dealing with factors such as humidity variations. Using its Smart Duo technology, the unit operates both sensor channels intelligently in tandem, through an innovation known as cross clearing. This locates and eliminates hidden defects by means of a double check, in which the main sensor’s signal is supported by the assistance sensor. This deals with issues such as unnoticed fluff events, which might otherwise cause breaks downstream.

Today’s market trends show strong demand for compact yarns. Here, spinners can trust Quantum 4.0 to tap this potential and deal with any quality issues. The density feature, for example, protects mills from substandard cops caused by ring spinning malfunctions such as blocked compacting zones, or twist problems. The Smart Duo has the advantage of monitoring yarn density continuously and after every splice.

As well as identifying issues at winding, defect prevention at source is now possible – an advantage provided by the clearer’s new Quantum Expert. Thanks to many analytical features, the Quantum Expert enhances process control and prevention of defects, through total contamination control, ring spinning optimization and the RSO 3D value module.

The introduction of the latest Mill Dashboard as a new feature with Uster Quality Expert can bring significant changes for operators in spinning mills. The new version presents key data directly to key individuals in the spinning mill so they can react rapidly to any quality deviations. It also ensures greater transparency on the shop floor. The latest release of Uster Quality Expert is available for connection – and all key quality parameters from laboratory and in-line instruments can be displayed, targeted to individual needs and preferences.
Furthermore, the twist measurement feature of Uster Tester 6 will be shown for the first time in Asia.

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