TTRI : 5 technologies receive the iF Design A...

5 technologies receive the iF Design Awards 2022

(Source: TTRI)
(Source: TTRI)

One of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the iF Design Awards 2022 took place in Berlin/Germany from March 29-31, 2022. From a total of some 11,000 entries submitted overall the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), Taipei/Taiwan, was able to win 5.
Dual Membrane: terminator for ocean oil spill pollution
The Dual Membrane has 2 characteristics depending on the amount of oil and water. When there is more oil than water, it exhibits lipophilic and hydrophobic character, filtering out the oil; on the other hand, it shows hydrophilic and oleophobic character to filter out the water.
The Dual Membrane can quickly collect slick oil. When most slick oil on the sea surface is removed, it will become hydrophilic and oleophobic. Then the slick oil will be collected into the inner layer of the double-layer bag, and the seawater will return to the ocean. As long as the collected oil is pure enough, it can be reused.
Fiber Soil: green outfitter for urban building
Every material from this product, from surface to bottom and the fiber soil to the outer membrane, are all recycled materials. They come from recycling and can be recycled again. As a home for plants, it provides urban buildings with visual green and breathing green.
 The appearance of fiber soil is variegated colors of recycled blends, which aligns with the use of recycled materials with the least post-production processes, such as dyeing. Once the product life cycle of fiber soil ends, it is expected to be recycled again.
Digital Tex
This functional ink contains 2 opposite functions: water repellent and water wicking. Once the wearer sweats, the part with Digital Tex will show previously printed unique 3D patterns, which can enhance heat dissipation and reduce the stickiness of clothes, it can reduce at least 45% stickiness rate of skin-like surfaces, drying speed up by over 30%.
Fabric Jack: a fabric can raise a car
Fabric Jack utilizes a patented Distance Fabric (DIFA) air-jet loom to create a non-equal-height vertical interweaving 2.5D structure, and the pitch of DIFA loom can vary from 120 mm to 500 mm. It utilizes electric vehicle charging pipe to inflate. Light but steady, the Fabric Jack is expected to replace mechanical jacks for future cars.
Golden Fiber
The current technology of the gold plating process on the fiber may lose up to 80% of the gold. The TTRI adopts sputtering technology that uses a ‘golden ratio’ of 0.08 g of gold for 1 g of yarn, making 80% of gold stay on the yarn. The technology is cost-reducing and water-saving. In addition, the golden fiber is washable and soft while keeping the gold’s shininess and glamour.

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