Trützschler: Pre-cleaner with lower energy co...

Pre-cleaner with lower energy consumption

(Source: Trützschler)
(Source: Trützschler)

The new Trützschler pre-cleaner CL-X reliably removes coarse contaminants like leaf debris, stalks or seeds from cotton with minimum loss of good fibers. It provides more efficiency and lays the foundation for a high-quality end-product before the cotton is further processed in mixers and fine cleaners.

During the development process, Trützschler GmbH, Mönchengladbach/Germany, focused on optimizing the fiber air flows. By forcing the air flow over 2 rolls, a solution was found that allows double the production rate with lower energy consumption per kg of fiber material (up to 30%). Moreover, an integrated air separator contributes to reducing the transport air by ensuring that only excess air has to be removed, rather than all of the air. Less exhaust air also means less energy consumption.

Among other things, the CL-X is characterized by continuous production of 1,600 kg/hour for present blow room configuration. It has 30% energy saving compared to the current benchmark and integrated Wastecontrol for automatic adjustment recommendation of waste excretion to avoid unnecessary fiber loss. With a 2.60 m long cleaning section, there is also new and improved grid geometry for better separation and gentle tuft treatment.

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