Trützschler : Next generation comber machine

Next generation comber machine

The Disc Monitor system measures the count continuously (Source: Trützschler)
The Disc Monitor system measures the count continuously (Source: Trützschler)

The textile industry never ends searching for higher productivity, better quality and less waste. Trützschler is developing further ways of optimizing combing performance and introduced the comber machine TCO 21 to offer next-level performance and an expanded range of features that give the customers advantages.
This next generation combing machine with its high processing speed is able to produce at a rate of up to 600 nips/min. This puts it at the top of the market, offering high productivity. To increase this even further, the TCO 21 can be coordinated
with Trützschler’s highly economical Jumbo Cans (Ø 1.200 mm). They not only reduce yarn defects due to fewer piecings which leads to quality improvements, but also offer a higher efficiency because of their larger dimensions. This, for example, has positive effects on the number of necessary cans and can transports and results in lower personnel costs.
The TCO 21 comes with Count Monitoring as standard. This feature makes it possible for the machine operator to define limits for count variations via an easy-to-use display. Trützschler’s Disc Monitor system of sensors measures the count continuously, and the machine alerts the operator and switches off if the limit is exceeded. In addition, the Count Monitoring function also includes spectrogram analysis.
The TCO 21 joins the TCO 12 from Trützschler as the only combing machines on the market that offer an automatic Piecing Optimizer technology that finds the right piecing setting without laboratory tests because of two functions: First by adjusting the piecing time in the combing cycle (timing function). Whereas the resetting of the detaching point (piecing time) is usually a very time-consuming task, it now takes only a few minutes and is performed automatically at a push on a button.
Second the customer is helped to select specific detaching curve types (curve function) for their unique requirements. The TCO 21 is simple to operate and maintain. The Smart Touch display is fast and intuitive, and a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sensor quickly identifies each user and adapts the information on the display.

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