Trützschler: Innovative wires in carding appl...

Innovative wires in carding applications

(Source: Trützschler)
(Source: Trützschler)

The producer of weaving and knitting yarn Saf Mensucat and HRN, member of the Saf Group, Kahramanmaraş/Turkey, use state-of-the-art machines from Trützschler, as well as their new Supertip wires for carding that increase the utilization time of the wires to reduce maintenance needs.
The new Supertip wire family from Trützschler Card Clothing GmbH, Neubulach/Germany, is raising the bar for quality, efficiency and cost-cutting. The X2 Supertip is used at the Saf Mensucat facility, and has the main advantage that it achieves stable performance levels throughout the life of the wire. Moreover, the X2 Supertip has a much longer wire life – about 30% longer than a Novostar X1 wire. The X2 Supertip also achieves a wire life expectation of up to 1,800 tons. Wire costs are also lower because of the longer service life and reduced maintenance needs. Furthermore, a much smaller quality variation is seen between cards when using the X2 Supertip wire.
In addition, Magnotop 52 flats, which the company began to use with X2 Supertip wire, provide great benefits in yarn quality. A significant improvement of up to 50% has been achieved in total IPI values in all of the Ne ranges that are produced. In neps specifically, the improvement is 280%.

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