Trützschler : Energy-efficient carding

Energy-efficient carding

(Source: Trützschler)
(Source: Trützschler)

It is estimated that more than 80% of global energy is still generated from fossil fuels that produce CO2 emissions and contribute to climate change. Trützschler has developed the intelligent card TC 19i for energy-efficient carding.
The TC 19i features the unique T-GO gap optimizer, which continuously and automatically monitors and adjusts the carding gap to an ideal position during production. Innovative drive and air technology further reduce energy consumption.
The most energy-intensive elements in a carding machine are the drive, the dust suction process and the compressed air system. Compared to conventional machines, the TC 19i consumes at least 10% less energy/kg of material produced when manufacturing rotor yarn from a cotton and cotton waste mix at the production of 180 kg/h.

Air technology plays a pivotal role in the energy balance. By combining the final flow optimized parts in the TC 19i, Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany, has developed a card that operates with suction pressure of just -740 Pa and with an air requirement of only 4200 m³/h. This translates into 40% less energy demand for air technology compared to the latest high-performance competitor model. The TC 19i uses less electricity, lower suction pressure and less compressed air than other machines, while providing one of the highest production rates currently available on the market.
The customer trial also showed TC 19i’s high reliability at the customer’s usual production rate of 180 kg/h, and even demonstrated stable performance at 300 kg/h in the same application.

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