Trützschler: Ambitious targets for climate ne...

Ambitious targets for climate neutrality

(Source: Trützschler)
(Source: Trützschler)

As a family-owned company, Trützschler has always placed a strong focus on ensuring sustainability for future generations. In response to the issue of climate change, the company is taking decisive action to further minimize its environmental impact and maximize its contribution to sustainability. Trützschler Group SE, Mönchengladbach/Germany, will focus on 3 specific targets for cutting emissions:
1) reduction of CO2 emissions by 50 % at its headquarters in Mönchengladbach by 2025.
2) climate-neutrality at all its locations in Germany by 2030.
3) climate-neutrality at all its locations worldwide by 2035.
Trützschler’s global teams are now stepping up efforts to accelerate innovative energy management approaches, i.e. the shift to renewable power and more sustainable logistics processes.  
The company’s innovations support the textile industry in becoming more sustainable. The Wastecontrol system, for example, features sensors that help to make sure every fiber is used. Specially designed machines and equipment also support the transition to a circular economy by making it possible to produce yarn by recycling old material, production waste, or even plastic bottles. Furthermore, the wet-laid/spunlace technologies support the production of fully biodegradable wet wipes that are made from pulp and cellulose.

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