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New generation of washing and dyeing machines

(Source: Tonello)
(Source: Tonello)

Evolution 3, the new generation of Tonello's signature washing and dyeing machines, further reduce water and energy consumption increase productivity, and lower energy and maintenance costs.
The new high-efficiency motors are built with stainless steel to increase overall machine efficiency. The optimized transmission with new high-performance belts, absorb less energy and have greater durability and wear resistance. Moreover, the new more compact design offers greater adaptability and ease of placement and integration in the laundry and dyeing plant.
The new inverters enable enhanced motor control, reducing vibration and stress, while the tropicalized electronic boards are more reliable and robust, making them suitable to be placed in the harsher environments of the laundry and dyeing plants.  
Thanks to these improvements, the Evolution 3 line of washing and dyeing machines from Tonello srl, Sarcedo/Italy, enable energy savings of up to 20% and reduce overall operating costs. Furthermore, the improvements cover the entire range of high, medium and low-speed machines.
The entire Evolution 3 range is designed to be flexible and further improvable in the future. They are prepared for the installation of accessory technologies and kits – such as OBleach, Core, UP, NoStone, N2, Wake, and Metro and Mago Site Manager software programs.  
NoStone = registered trademark

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