Stahl: Replacement of petroleum-based chemica...

Replacement of petroleum-based chemicals for better environment


A new range of renewable carbon-based polyurethanes has been launched by the producer of specialty chemicals Stahl Group, Waalwijk/Netherland. NuVera replaces petroleum-based chemicals with renewable alternatives, enabling among others, manufacturers of fashion, footwear and upholstery products to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

NuVera products are derived from plant-based biomass such as vegetable oils or sugars. The advancement saw collaborations with key development partners with the goal to create renewable carbon-based building blocks, which until now have not been available commercially. These allow the development of biomass-based and/or captured carbon-based polyurethane polymers.

The new range can be used in a variety of coating applications, including pre-skin and top-coat formulations, PUD resins, adhesives and basecoats. The range currently comprises 4 polyurethane resin binders that are available as co-solvent-free water-based dispersions. Stahl is currently developing new products, including high-solid (solventless) crosslinkers.

All NuVera products comply with the latest standards and regulations, including the ZDHC Version 2.0 Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).

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