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Modular toolbox for coating technologies

(Source: Stahl)
(Source: Stahl)

A versatile toolbox that provides tailor-made, customer-orientated solutions under the umbrella of flame-retardant technology, protective surfaces, and protective coatings has been launched by Stahl. The integrated, polymer-driven approach behind the Integra portfolio offers customers flexibility in terms of product development, helping them to achieve regulatory and environmental compliance while ensuring superior product quality and fabric integrity.
The market for flame retardants and performance coatings is increasingly complex and subject to extensive – and often conflicting – demands and requirements. This includes increasingly stringent chemical industry legislation that limits flexibility regarding chemical and additive usage as well as growing expectations from stakeholders regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.
With Integra, Stahl Holdings BV, Waalwijk/Netherlands, offers a unique polymer-driven solution that builds upon the flame-retardant technology offered through the company’s Eagleban brand. By using the proven polymer technology as its “backbone” while harnessing the other technologies in its toolbox, including specialty crosslinkers and other additives, Integra can help customers solve complex challenges in a flexible, integrated way that goes beyond traditional additive-driven approaches.
The Integra portfolio follows the modular toolbox principle, whereby specific mechanical functionalities and solutions – from breathable coatings to stay-clean technologies – are introduced to meet specific end-market requirements. The modular product range includes an extensive array of high-quality polymer-based technologies in the flame retardant and protective coatings space. These solutions include waterborne and solvent-borne performance coatings (Integra FRC), specialty waterborne polymers with flame retardant effect (Integra RU), and additives boosting the above (Integra FRA).
Integra = registered trademark
Eagleban = trademark

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