Stäubli: Simple and automatic warp tying

Simple and automatic warp tying

Historic warp tying machine (Source: Stäubli)
Historic warp tying machine (Source: Stäubli)

In 2019, Stäubli introduced the innovative Tiepro tying machine. Due to its very good features, such as easy handling and efficient tying performance, this machine achieved a high level of recognition worldwide in just 2 years.

Any type of tying machine used in a weaving mill is first placed on the tying frame on the weaving machine. The operator has to dock the machine manually to the warp thread layers to be knotted. In contrast, the Tiepro weaving machine from Stäubli International AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, equipped with robotics, docks itself to the old and new warp sheets. The operator can then confirm the start simply by pressing a button and automatic tying begins.

Before tying, and during the warp stretching on the tying frame, typically, the yarns of new and old warp sheets do not align precisely. This can require time-consuming effort during the tying process. The Tiepro easily handles misalignments of up to 10 mm, ensuring quick preparation.
Furthermore, Tiepro incorporates a Double End Detection (DED) which detects double ends automatically before the warp yarn is cut. Double ends caused e.g. by sticky yarns are detected by the sensor, immediately extracted, and separated.

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