Stäubli: New toe-closing device

New toe-closing device

D4S toe-closing device automated knitting solution (Source: Stäubli)
D4S toe-closing device automated knitting solution (Source: Stäubli)

The optimal course of a weaving process depends on many various prerequisites resulting as well from upstream processes, including yarn processing and warp preparation. With the Safir drawing-in systems by Stäubli AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland, advantages are offered such as the preparation of top-quality warps with perfectly aligned yarns. The heart is the AWC (Active Warp Control) yarn sorting technology, which handles both single and multiple yarn types. At the ITMA Asia + CITME the Safir S40 automatic drawing-in machine will be shown.

Stäubli delivers machinery that meets evolving market demands and the associated customer requirements. Its frame-weaving solutions are renowned for reliable high-speed weaving and adaptability to any kind of plain or patterned fabric and any kind of weaving machine. Robustness and high quality have made the broad range of 1600/1700 series of cam motions and the S3000/S3200 series of electronic rotary dobbies well known as reliable accessories with a very long service life.

From large-format machines (up to 25,600 hooks) to name selvedge Jacquard machines, weavers can choose from a wide range of Stäubli electronic Jacquard weaving solutions. The LXM jacquard machine will be presented in Shanghai. It is available in 2 formats (2,688 and 5,376 hooks) and thus meets the requirements of a wide range of applications and assures reliable operation at high weaving speeds. The company’s answer to the growing need to protect premium proprietary fabrics with brand-name selvedges is the N4L name jacquard machine, which is being shown for the first time in Asia at the ITMA Asia + CITME. This machine allows easy handling, high availability, and reduced maintenance needs.

Area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting; low pile, lightweight loops, flat, cut pile, or high density – whatever the next carpet-weaving challenge may be, the Alpha 500 carpet weaving system by Schönherr allows very high flexibility to carpet-weaving mills. It weaves very high quality applications and enables swift response to rapidly changing market demands.

Sock manufacturers face tough challenges. They must be able to rapidly adjust to market demands and meet tight delivery schedules. In sock knitting, toe closing is the critical step. It is very time consuming and helps determine the quality. This is where the D4S toe-closing device comes into play. Installed directly on the circular knitting machine, it closes one sock whilst the machine is already knitting the next one.

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