Smartex @ ITMA 2023: Modern textile productio...
Smartex @ ITMA 2023

Modern textile production with AI

(Source: Smartex)
(Source: Smartex)

An innovative fabric-roll level traceability tool will be officially showcased at the ITMA  by hardware-based software company Smartex. Building upon the success of Smartex Core, their AI-enabled automated quality control product, Smartex Loop enables suppliers to take advantage of fabric-roll level data collection and reform supply chain communication, as well as directly address the call from fashion brands for better supply chain data, marking a new generation of transparency and collaboration.
With Smartex Loop, users can quickly scan any fabric roll’s Loop Passport or review all of their rolls on the Smartex Platform using their desktop or mobile, and instantly access a wealth of information about that fabric roll’s production history and quality. This powerful tool from, Porto/Portugal, equips textile manufacturers with the means to elevate product value and increase productivity.
»Smartex Loop future-proofs businesses by providing foundations for better data collection and communication, enabling them to meet the rising demand for transparency and accountability in the textile industry while improving operational efficiency.«
Gilberto Loureiro, CEO,

Smartex Loop allows factories to pinpoint fabric roll issues, identifying the exact machine, worker, or yarn supplier involved. This remarkable visibility enhances quality alignment and transparency between knitting facilities and dye house partners, fostering trust, reducing waste, and minimizing delays.
Furthermore, in the event of supply chain disputes, Smartex Loop provides irrefutable evidence of product quality through a digital roll map, effectively avoiding time-consuming and costly litigation with upstream and downstream customers.
The benefits of Smartex Loop extend beyond quality control. It offers evidence for verified wastage reduction, inventory tracking, and Tier 2 production locations, enabling fashion brands to meet the mounting demands of legislation, investors, and consumers for improved supply chain data.
Additional upgrades
Smartex Core, the foundation of the Smartex System, is now compatible with all circular knitting machines, including tubular machines.
Smartex Core facilitates automated quality control, enhancing productivity, margins, and waste reduction by eliminating roll rejections. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and European hardware, it detects and prevents defects during fabric production, addressing production issues at their source.
Presenting Automatic Roll Grading at the ITMA, Smartex introduces an additional tool for the modern textile factory. This feature enables objective and automatic grading of all fabric rolls, departing from the subjective and sample-based approach currently prevalent in the textile industry. Using Smartex Core’s advanced camera and light system, the Smartex Platform analyzes captured photos to provide consistent and accurate grading.
Factories can customize their quality thresholds, gaining deeper insights into production and machine performance while maintaining consistent quality standards. Seamless communication of fabric roll quality across the supply chain is facilitated by integrating Automatic Roll Grading with Smartex Loop.
In addition to their recently announced AI Boost Tool and Factory System Integrations, Smartex will present its tools for the modern textile factory at the ITMA.

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