Shima Seiki @ India ITME: Solutions utilize v...
Shima Seiki @ India ITME

Solutions utilize virtual sampling

(Source: Shima Seiki)
(Source: Shima Seiki)

The latest sustainable solutions that can keep up with the rapid growth in India's textile industry will be shown by Shima Seiki at the India ITME 2022 in Noida/India from December 8-13, 2022. The flat knitting solutions provider will exhibit the latest in knitting technology for both Wholegarment and shaping, as well as the latest in DX solutions utilizing virtual sampling.
Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., Wakayama/Japan, will exhibit ideas in seam-free Wholegarment knitting technology that offers an alternative to labor-intensive manufacturing. Featured is the Mach2XS Wholegarment knitting machine with original SlideNeedle on 4 needle beds and spring-loaded moveable sinker system supporting a wide range of high-quality Wholegarment knitting in all needles. The range of usable yarn and material has increased as well, thanks to i-DSCS+DTC as standard equipment.
Meanwhile, the N.SVR123SP computerized knitting machine features a special loop presser bed, capable of producing hybrid inlay fabrics with both knit and weave characteristics. Demand for such novel fabrics is very high across a wide range of applications, from fashion apparel to sportswear, innerwear, outerwear, uniforms and other functional clothing, as well as home furnishing and technical textiles. N.SVR123SP at India ITME will feature the special i-Plating option, capable of alternating yarn colors in any pattern, producing jacquard-like designs using plain jersey stitch for even greater diversity in knit design.
Demonstrations will be performed on the SDS-One Apex4 design system. At the core of the company’s "Total Fashion System" concept, SDS-One Apex4 provides comprehensive support throughout the production supply chain, integrating production into one smooth and efficient workflow. Especially effective is the way the design system improves on the product planning and design evaluation process by replacing physical samples with digital prototypes. Based on photo-realistic simulations, these virtual samples allow savings in time, cost and material and contributing to sustainable manufacturing.
ApexFiz is subscription-based design software that maintains the proven functions of the SDS-One Apex series design systems. Installed on personal computers, it has been enhanced with the added versatility to adapt to different work styles and business environments. ApexFiz software supports the creative side of fashion from planning and design to colorway evaluation, realistic fabric simulation and 3D virtual sampling. Virtual samples are accurate enough to be used effectively as prototypes, replacing physical sampling and consequently reducing time, cost and material that otherwise go to waste. The software is available in 5 different product variations.

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