SGS/Jeanologia : Light sensitive fabric test ...

Light sensitive fabric test for greener denim

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

Testing, inspection and certification company SGS has joined forces with technology manufacturer Jeanologia to launch an exclusive service for fashion retailers, manufacturers and brand owners looking to minimize the environmental impact of denim textile production.
The advanced Light Sensitive Fabric test, developed by Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain, is now available exclusively from SGS SA, Geneva/Switzerland. In expanding its global textile testing capability with this test, SGS, is responding to the industry’s growing use of laser technology to reduce the environmental impact of producing denim apparel.  
Laser marking significantly reduces water consumption and the use of toxic, chemical substances. In addition, it brings efficiencies through reduced costs and more consistent finishes. The advanced Light Sensitive Fabric test accurately measures the suitability of denim fabrics for laser marking, based on sensitivity to light, and provides an objective score of fabric quality through the global Advanced Light Sensitive Fabric 100 Mark System. It analyzes and measures how denim fabrics react to laser processing and which fabrics can best achieve fashionable finishes (natural and vintage) with low environmental impact.

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