Senorics: Material detection in seconds

Material detection in seconds

(Source: Senorics)
(Source: Senorics)

On its 5th anniversary, Senorics GmbH, Dresden/Germany, presented a new measuring device for material recognition. The novel near-infrared spectroscopy sensors, which are smaller than a 1-cent coin and can thus be integrated into handy measuring devices, enable non-contact analyses of materials that previously only worked using large spectrometers in the laboratory. In infrared spectroscopy, a material or liquid is irradiated with infrared light. Based on the wavelength distribution of the reflected light, ingredients can be detected, and their contained quantity determined. Industrially, this technique therefore also allows process monitoring or quality control by detecting impurities, for example.
The new SenoLab measuring instrument now has an integrated rechargeable battery. Users can now easily operate the application using an app and read the results directly there.
In the future, the new platform can be adapted directly to the needs of Senorics' customers. Currently, for example, Senorics is working with one of the world's largest yarn manufacturers, which uses the measuring devices to measure the quality of its finished yarns. To do this, the sensors detect the quantities of cotton and polyester used.
»Due to demand from our clientele, our current focus is strongly on textiles. However, the sensors can of course also be adapted for other applications.«
Ronny Timmreck, CEO, Senorics

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