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SDL Atlas

Vortex M6 accepted as Type B Washer

(Source: SDL Atlas)
(Source: SDL Atlas)

The Vortex M6 is a commercial grade top loading washing instrument engineered specifically for laboratory use for meeting global testing standards. It was designed to meet alternative conditions of the AATCC’s newest LP1-2018 (Table I, IIC, IID, IIIA and IIIB) and M6 Monograph requirements developed by the AATCC.
The washing machine by SDL Atlas LLC, Rock Holl, SC/USA, is supplied with a multi-language (English, Spanish and Chinese) full color touch screen that can manage custom settings for Bath Temperature, Water Fill, Agitation (Speed & Time), Spin (Speed & Time) and Rinse Volume. Custom programs can be saved for later use. Operators can program custom cycles with duration up to 100 hours.
The Vortex M6 can be calibrated to ISO 17025 requirements and adjusted back into compliance easily by qualified personnel.
Furthermore, it is compatible with RemoteAccess, a Remote Instrument Monitoring Application, that give out Cycle status notifications. Operators can track the real-time testing progress anytime, anywhere, on the go via the RemoteAccess App (iOS and Android).

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