SDL Atlas: Up to 50 complete wash cycle tests...
SDL Atlas

Up to 50 complete wash cycle tests without an operator

(Source: SDL Atlas9
(Source: SDL Atlas9

Designed to serve the needs of customers that need to simulate the multiple washes that occur in the lifespan of a fabric or garment, the washing machine for laboratory use Vortex Plus now has an automatic liquid detergent dispenser. This is the same instrument from SDL Atlas, LLC, Rock Hill, SC/USA, that is trusted by major manufacturers and retailers in the sportswear and apparel industries for their AATCC wash testing.
The Vortex Plus holds over 2 liters of detergent which it can automatically dispense for up to 50 repeated wash cycles without operator intervention. The dosing of detergent through the liquid dispenser is fully programmable by the operator, as are all other aspects of the wash cycle such as bath temperature, water volume, agitation (speed and time), spin (speed and time), and rinse volume.  
This new instrument performs all of the same functions of the Vortex M6 and meets AATCC wash testing requirements.  
The Vortex M6 and Vortex Plus are the only commercial grade top loading washing instruments engineered specifically for laboratory use for meeting global testing standards. The instruments provide programable precision through a user friendly, multi-language (English, Spanish and Chinese) full color touch screen controller that can manage custom cycles with duration up to 100 hours. Both the Vortex M6 and Vortex Plus can be calibrated to ISO 17025 requirements and adjusted back into compliance easily by qualified personnel.

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