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Standard compliance with instrument for hand feel testing

(Source: SDL Atlas)
(Source: SDL Atlas)

The FTT Fabric Touch Tester from SDL Atlas solves the long-standing problem of the inability to quantify the feel of fabrics. The instrument is applicable to textile fabrics with a uniform and regular surface, as well as non-uniform fabrics such as jacquard, lace, cutout and other similar fabrics for reference application. This is in line with a new standard that will come into effect in China later this year.
To provide a method for the determination and evaluation of the physical properties of fabrics that make contact with skin by means of a multi-index integration method, the standard includes: rules on the scope of applying the test method, definitions of the primary physical indicators, the testing principle and main parameters of testing instruments, the sample preparation and test procedures, the calculation formula of the result, rules on the subjective evaluation method, and provides the modeling procedure and reference example for the readers who have the need to establish their own evaluation model.  
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has released FZ/T 01166-2022 "Textile Fabric Touch Determination and Evaluation Method: Multi-Index Integration Method", which will be implemented on October 1, 2022. FZ/T 01166-2022 is the first textile industry standard that specifies how to test and evaluate the hand of textiles. The release of this standard fills the gap in textile industry standards for hand-feel. The FTT Fabric Touch Tester from SDL Atlas LLC, Rock Holl, SC/USA, meets the requirements of this new standard.

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