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Savio @ India ITME 

High-tech winding machine ready for Industry 4.0

(Source: Savio)
(Source: Savio)

The newest automatic winder from Savio, the Proxima Smartconer, will be launched at the India ITME textile machinery show in Noida/India, from December 8-13, 2022. The new winding machine from Savio Macchine Tessili SpA, Pordenone/Italy, part of Vandewiele NV, Kortrijk/Belgium, features high-tech capabilities with a strong focus on high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity.
The main benefits of the Proxima Smartconer are high productivity thanks to the new Smart Booster, a shorter bobbin change cycle and a faster splicing cycle, as well as low energy consumption through the usage of the latest and most efficient self-regulating independent motors and frequency inverters. Furthermore, the winding machine provides premium package quality thanks to the new splicer and new tension control. The machine is easy use thanks to the new HMI - Human Machine Interface allowing efficient bobbin flow in the automated models. Easy maintenance and accessibility to components are additional benefits.
The Smartconer is a winder with many Smart functions, for a more connected, increasingly efficient, and flexible machine. Smart monitoring of the winding process is possible thanks to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) digital solutions.
The high productivity of the machine is obtained thanks to multiple factors that help optimizing the performances. The Smart Booster is new device for bobbin unwinding that increases the winding speed and reduces yarn tension. A fast bobbin change cycle plus 1 extra bobbin in reserve means less power is consumed per kg of yarn produced. A new yarn tensioner and shorter splicing time also increase productivity.

An HMI (human-machine interface) is a device or software that allows an operator to be able to “communicate” with a machine or a production plant. The HMI of the Proxima Smartconer has been completely revised to facilitate an intuitive approach. It converts a huge amount of complex data into information that any operator can understand. The system can be accessed remotely, with significant advantages also in terms of maintenance. Timely contextual information is provided, with remote accessibility for technical assistance and the possibility of remote control of the interface on mobile devices and PCs for assistance and maintenance also by the customer. Moreover, the 4.0 predisposition can be interfaced with management systems.
The newly designed user-friendly interface with touch screen functionality allows to easily setup working parameters. The interface of Proxima Smartconer allows the machine to be monitored remotely and to display dashboards, with the aim of simplifying processes and factory operations. Operators can also use machine PC interface to quickly display KPIs and manage alarms. The ability to make the necessary adjustments from the screen makes this process quick and easy.

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