Saurer : Innovations in intelligent spinning

Innovations in intelligent spinning

(Source: Saurer)
(Source: Saurer)

The latest innovations in machinery, digitalization and components for pre-spinning as well as in ring, rotor and air spinning will be presented by Saurer at the ITM in Istanbul/Turkey from June 14-18, 2022. The company offers high-quality, technologically advanced, and customer-specific automated solutions for staple fiber processing from bale to yarn.
The higher carding area on the new Autocard means 18% higher output and even cleaner sliver. It also features LED lights for intelligent operator guidance. The right combination of blow room and carding machinery ensures very good fiber utilization and sliver quality, thus increasing the efficiency of the spinning process and improving the quality of yarn. The automation solutions of the Autocoro rotor spinning machine and the Autoairo air spinning machine pave the way to more independence from the availability of personnel, more output and quality assurance and also reduce spinning and raw material costs.
The highly productive ring and compact-spinning machines ZR 72XL and ZI 72XL offer intelligent spinning, low energy consumption, user friendliness and flexible automation solutions. These machines from Saurer Spinning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Übach-Palenberg/Germany, open up access to almost all application from the finest compact yarns for high-quality shirting fabrics to coarse denim effect yarns and recycled yarns. Equipped with the proven Optisuction and Twinsuction energy-saving modules, the ZR 72XL and ZI 72XL also include highlights such as Impact FX, Draftbox, Spinnfinity and Optispeed. They also reduce labor and space requirements.
Saurer offers customers a lifelong partnership for their rotor and ring-spinning mills. The company’s service experts will show them the latest offers for updates and upgrades, original parts and clever preventive services for their existing machinery. Visitors will also discover how they can also make older Autocoro and BD machines fit for the demanding processing of recycled fibers. Saurer also offers free test versions for many Autocoro software upgrades.
Eshape spindles from the Texparts division of Saurer have a reduced wharve diameter. The double elastic spindle is based on CS 1 S. Very good running properties up to 30 000 rpm and about 4% energy saving are the key performance factors.
Senses is the IOT platform that allows customers to connect all Saurer and third-party machines in one system. The application increases overall product quality and productivity through detailed and transparent data monitoring across various production processes along the textile chain. Senses Elements are modular extensions of Senses to manage customers’ mill and widen the function range.

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