Sandler / National Sweden : Recycling concept...
Sandler / National Sweden

Recycling concepts for automotive applications

(Source: Sandler)
(Source: Sandler)

Close cooperation between all those involved in the value chain can create sustainably successful recyclable material cycles. The nonwovens manufacturer Sandler AG, Schwarzenbach/Germany, and the polymer solutions provider National Sweden, Halmstad/Sweden, have entered into a cooperation to create closed cycles in nonwovens for automotive applications. By integrating modern recycling concepts, trims from processing are being reprocessed and used as feedstock for the production of new materials. The partnership between the 2 companies, including additional logistics effort, creates a fully closed material loop that uses valuable raw materials for longer, reduces waste and reduces the need to use virgin resources.
In the area of technical textiles, man-made fibers such as polyester are widely used. Thanks to modern recycling technology, this starting material is already available as a recycled raw material – in the form of fibers or also as granules. Now, materials made from polyester can also be recycled again.
With this initiative, Sandler is further expanding its comprehensive sustainability campaign. The project forms another step in a steadily growing picture of alternative product solutions for a sustainable future.

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