Robotextile : Grasping textiles automatically

Grasping textiles automatically

(Source: Robotextile)
(Source: Robotextile)

Rising labor costs, labor shortages and supply chain legislation are currently major challenges for many textile companies in Europe. Automation in the textile sector could offer a solution.
With robotic cells and gripper solutions from Robotextile, layers of fabric can be singled out from the stack and safely placed in position for further processing (sewing, printing, laminating, pressing, ironing, etc.).
Robotextile GmbH, Dormettingen/Gemany, has developed 4 new gripper methods based on years of experience in robot integration and handling of bendable parts, which are capable of safely gripping almost all common textiles and fabrics and depositing them again very precisely. Single layers can be picked up in the same way as the top layer of a stack of garment cuts.
  • Gripper A for denim, cotton, shirts, suits
  • Gripper B for stiff materials, mixed fibers and coated fabrics
  • Gripper C for woven and knitted fabrics
  • Gripper D for underwear, statically charged fabrics, rolling edges
Most of Robotextile's grippers have built-in double layer control and hold the textile in place by clamping as it moves. The grippers include the following physical methods: Coanda Venturi air flow, glue dot, rubber pinch roller, silicone finger, needle gripper and vacuum.
Customer materials can be tested in the test lab in Dormettingen (near Stuttgart) before the appropriate gripper is selected.

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