Rieter: Expanded service footprint in Turkey

Expanded service footprint in Turkey

(Source: Rieter)
(Source: Rieter)

Rieter is moving its service station in Kahramanmaraş/Turkey to a larger location covering 2,000 m² in a bid to broaden its offering and strengthen its market position in Turkey. The station will house one of the region’s largest test-spinning facilities and provide know-how in sustainable yarn manufacturing.
The comprehensive portfolio covers both mechanical and electronic services, including the revision of gear units, servomotor adjustments, and suction drums. The station will also offer preventive maintenance and mill optimization. The service offering spans the entire product portfolio of Rieter AG, Winterthur/Switzerland, including the automatic winding machine Autoconer X6. In addition, highly trained experts will be available to help customers utilize the full potential of Rieter technology.
Rieter has been operating service stations in Turkey since 2005 with a presence in the country dating back to the 1990s. Highlights of the Kahramanmaraş Service Station include the setup of a fully automatic rotor spinning machine R 70 and the winding machine Autoconer X6. It starts operations in September 2022 and will accelerate the growth of the company’s 3 stations in Turkey.
75% of the 2,000 m² service space is reserved for functional activities, which will feature a large test-spinning facilities. Customers can run yarn comparison tests and analyze the impact of different technology parts to enable optimized machine setups. In-depth yarn trials and access to Rieter textile technology expertise will allow customers to cater more effectively to the dynamic demands of textile brands regarding performance, quality and sustainability, such as recycling applications.
The Kahramanmaraş service station is strategically located, with a large proportion of Rieter’s installed base located within a radius of around 200 km. Turkey is a textile powerhouse, currently ranking 5th in global exports and poised for additional growth. The country’s industry is also implementing a green action plan to help it meet the growing demand for sustainable textiles, especially from Europe.

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