Remei: The traceable T-shirt

The traceable T-shirt

(Source: Remei)
(Source: Remei)

“Seed to shirt. From us to you. Nothing to hide”. On AG has launched a new classic T-shirt, made under fair conditions and 100% traceable, with Remei as its production partner.
Who really knows the story behind their favorite T-shirt and its journey from the cotton plantation to the production site? Answers are being provided by the new On-T, the result of a collaboration between the performance running shoe and apparel manufacturer On AG, Zurich/Switzerland, and yarn and apparel producer Remei AG, Rotkreuz/Switzerland. Both companies share the same goals to create high-quality, durable products with a minimal negative impact on the environment. On AG focuses on recyclability, ethical and natural materials and sustainable relationships with partners at the production facilities.
The the On-T is made of organic cotton and therefore comfortable on the skin and naturally absorbs moisture and does not leave an uncomfortable feeling even when sweating.
Thanks to the my-trace by Remei tool, the entire supply chain is fully traceable – from the cotton seed to the finished textile. The journey of the On-T begins in Tanzania, where trained farmers grow certified organic cotton from GMO-free cultivation. Remei gives the farmers a purchase guarantee for the organic cotton and can enable long-term partnerships and availability. The cotton is already paid for at the time of purchase, and a premium above the market price is added on top. For Remei, this forms the essential basis of fair trading and provides security and continuity for the farmers and their families. By assuming this responsibility, Remei can enable the traceability of the end products all the way back to their origin.
After Tanzania, the On-T continues to India, where the cotton is spun. The fabric is
then made in Lithuania before the final product is manufactured. If you want to follow
the On-T’s journey yourself, all you have to do is scan the label inside the T-shirt. All information is stored here.

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