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Requirement needs in chemical recycling

(Source: Pixabay)
(Source: Pixabay)

The new report “Chemical Recycling of Polymeric Materials from Waste in Circular Economy” figures out that recycling of plastic waste currently covers different technologies with varying potential for contributing to a circular economy.  
Following the registration requirements for recycled materials by the European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki/Finland, and finding ways to eliminate substances of concern from plastic waste streams are key to achieving non-toxic recycling.
Considering the scale of plastic pollution and the potential role that chemical recycling could play in addressing some of the related issues, this study focused on chemical recycling of plastic waste. 6 research topics were addressed: chemical recycling technologies, waste streams, recovered substances, materials and waste residues, chemical recycling and substances of very high concern, chemical recycling and policy developments and chemical recycling and tracking systems.
Chemical recycling is an umbrella term which covers different technologies with varying potential to contribute to the circularity of plastics. There is a fragmented knowledge about the fate of substances of concern in various chemical recycling processes, and a paucity of scientific papers discussing regulatory issues in chemical recycling. Digital technologies could contribute to improving the traceability of substances of concern in recycling.
The report can be downloaded here.


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