RadiciGroup: Producing apparel from waste oil

Producing apparel from waste oil

(Source: RadiciGroup)
(Source: RadiciGroup)

A demonstration plant for industrial-scale production of polyamides (PA) applicable to many production sectors including fashion, has been put into operation by RadiciGroup. Putting sustainability and circularity principles into practice, an investment of almost €6.2 million was made, of which a €1.7 million was a grant from the Region of Piedmont, the area in Italy where RadiciGroup, Bergamo, is based.
The objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of industrial-scale production of PA starting from bio adipic acid obtained from renewable raw materials, including waste oil and by-products of the oil industry. Potential application sectors for the process and products are textile/fashion, automotive, design, electrical and electronics.
This major sustainability-and-circularity-oriented goal has been achieved by RadiciGroup a leading producer of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polymers, high performance engineering polymers and advanced textile solutions. The research was conducted through the Ulysses project and experimentation was performed in collaboration with research centers and universities.

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