Pulcra : Fluorine-free water-repellent finis...

Fluorine-free water-repellent finish

(Source: Pulcra)
(Source: Pulcra)

The logical sustainable and necessary change from classical fluorine chemistry to fluorine-free technology and the associated need for repellent effects for textile materials is the basis and obligation towards future generations.
Pulcra Tec protects textiles from moisture in the long term. On the one hand, liquids cannot penetrate fabrics treated with, Pulcra Tec. Instead, the moisture remains in drop form on the fabric and can simply be wiped away or run off. It has been proven that clothing treated with Pulcra Tec retains its original appearance better than untreated textiles. The Pulcra Tec protective finish can also be breathable or protect the surface against water pressure. Always in addition, this finish withstands many washing cycles.
Under the umbrella brand Pulcra Tec, Pulcra Chemicals GmbH, Geretsried/Germany, develops its product innovations for the finishing of outdoor, home textiles, leisure and sportswear, but also technical articles with a focus on wash-resistant and durable water repellency. These auxiliaries are fluorine-free, contain no APEO, free from formaldehyde and without addition of melamine derivatives.  In addition, bio-based products are possible.

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