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Eco initiative prioritizes sustainability in sport


Emphasizing sustainability and a mindful approach to gifting, Polygiene and Kingly teamed up with the TSV Trudering sports club to launch an initiative that saw every child receive a TSV-branded towel as a present. The sports club wanted to offer its juniors something durable, useful, and environmentally friendly that encourages them to rethink and adapt established behaviors.
560 towels were distributed to the children of the sports club. Every towel featured the innovative Polygiene StayFresh technology, which prevents the spread of odor-causing bacteria in textiles, keeping products fresher for longer and ensuring items do not need to be washed as frequently. In turn, this reduces the amount of water, energy, and time consumed in cleaning textiles - which benefits both people and the environment.
Promotional product specialists Kingly Ltd., Southampton/UK, have been using Polygiene StayFresh for years when producing upcycled sports socks and activewear for clients. The company partly sponsors the initiative in collaboration with Polygiene AB, Malmö/Sweden.
The towels for the TSV Trudering, Munich/Germany, have a very high earth-friendly score validated by BCome’s Cradle to Gate sustainability platform. The branded gifts produced at Kingly consist of 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyethylene terephthtalate (rPET), according to the Global Recycled Standard. Normally, 41 l of water go into the production of a single towel and 3.50 kg of CO₂ are emitted. Here, however, 84% of that water is saved and 27% of carbon emissions are prevented from polluting the atmosphere.
Typically, the club’s towels are washed after every use. However, Polygiene StayFresh’s antibacterial, odor-control qualities enable every other wash to be skipped. Based on a wash in a standard 6 kg, and (assuming the kids use the towels 100 times a year – just under twice a week), the club will save 134,000 l of water a year, 15,679 kWh in washing and drying energy and 89.6 kg of detergent.
So far, since January 2023, the Polygiene x Kingly towels have helped the kids save a remarkable 40,320 l of water.

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