Polartec: Switch to peppermint for metal-free...

Switch to peppermint for metal-free odor resistance

(Source: Polartec)
(Source: Polartec)

A bluesign-certified peppermint oil odor resist treatment is being introduced by Polartec as part of its Eco-Engineering initiative. With the switch to peppermint for metal-free odor resistance treatment across its line of performance fabrics, Polartec, Andover, MA/USA, a Milliken & Company brand, now has an easily renewable, highly sustainable and biodegradable solution for inhibiting odor at the source.
Performance fabrics have long included anti-odor additives to improve product quality, lifespan, and reduce energy usage through washing. Knowing that body odor occurs when bacteria metabolize fatty acids and proteins in sweat, and secrete waste, the company turned to peppermint oil, which effectively inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes in the fabric. The odorless peppermint oil-based treatment was proven in R&D trials to achieve a 99% microbial reduction, even after 50 wash cycles (per industry standard testing JIS L1902).
All Polartec Power Dry, Polartec Power Grid, and Polartec Delta fabrics will in future have permanent odor resistance. Production in Italy and China will begin in the late fall, with the USA to follow in 12 months.

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