Picanol: Weaving machines with more data avai...

Weaving machines with more data availability

OmniPlus-I Connect (Scource: Picanol)
OmniPlus-I Connect (Scource: Picanol)

Called the “Connect” generation, the new weaving machines from Picanol focus on connectivity and an increased level of data availability. With this new generation of air-jet and rapier weaving machines, the company is launching several new functionalities such as a digitalized gripper stroke setting, gripper tape monitoring, climate control, shed angle measurement, and fully integrated power monitoring.
From now on, the air-jet weaving machines from Picanol NV, Ieper/Belgium, will in future be OmniPlus-i Connect and TerryPlus-i Connect, while for the rapier weaving machines, this means: OptiMax-i Connect and TerryMax-i Connect.
On the OptiMax-i Connect, a lubrication monitoring sensor in combination with a temperature sensor has been introduced. The combined data provided allow the user to make sure the gripper tapes are in optimal condition for maximum performance. As an option, a gripper stroke measurement sensor is also available.
The energy friendly machine drive Sumo Drive features an optimized sheet metal package for lower energy consumption, optimized oil cooling circuit for a better performance and a built-in temperature monitoring. Moreover, the Connect machines can be equipped with a Power monitoring module, which allows the user to keep track of the power consumption of each machine over time. Every Connect machine also has a built-in ambient temperature and humidity sensor, which will help to optimize the climate control in the weaving shed at the lowest cost. They can also be equipped with raw material use monitoring.
To enable a fast reaction to the sensor data, the BlueBox control unit has been further optimized: better heat management guarantees short reaction cycles combined with the long lifetime of components. With a simple touch of the screen, the current and historical power consumption, temperature, humidity, material consumption, and – on the OmniPlus-i Connect – also the air consumption, can be monitored.

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