Picanol @ ITMA 2023: World premiere of new ra...
Picanol @ ITMA 2023

World premiere of new rapier weaving machine

Ultimax (Source: Picanol)
Ultimax (Source: Picanol)

At the ITMA 2023, from June 8-14, 2023, in Milan/Italy, weaving machine manufacturer Picanol will be presenting its latest high-tech weaving machines and services. The eye-catcher at the company’s stand will be the world premiere of an all-new and innovative rapier weaving machine, the Ultimax, that will become available in Q1/2024.
In total, Picanol NV, Ieper/Belgium, will have 12 machines on display at ITMA 2023. In addition to 6 rapier weaving machines, the company will also present 4 air-jet weaving machines featuring new developments. Furthermore, a rapier machine in jacquard execution will be on display at the Bonas stand and an air-jet machine in jacquard execution will be presented at the Stäubli stand.
The Ultimax rapier weaving machine focuses on 3 main benefits: ultimate performance and high-quality output, readiness for future sustainability requirements, and ease of use thanks to a maximum level of digitalization. In addition, the classic Picanol exterior design of the machine has also been changed.
Innovations in air-jet technology
Visitors to the ITMA 2023 will also see launches of a speed increase on the company’s air-jet platform, the OmniPlus-i Connect. Also on display for the first time will be a new leno system, the o-Leno, which combines smart performance, user-friendliness, and intuitive control at its best.
With PicConnect, Picanol is centralizing its digital tools and services in one new fully digital platform. At ITMA 2023, visitors will be able to discover all the benefits and latest features of PicConnect to leverage the full extent of the possibilities offered by its Picanol weaving machines. Among other things, the recently released features such as alerting, access control, the action center, and the export of monitoring data are of note.

Connect generation - Sensor dashboard (Source: picanol)
Connect generation - Sensor dashboard (Source: picanol)
Information will be available to visitors on the entire range of Ultimax machines including the Ultimax-4-R-220 Denim, Ultimax-8-R-360 Voile, Ultimax Terry-8-J-260 Terry towel, and Ultimax-12-J-340 Flat carpet. Other offerings from Picanol include the OptiMax-i Connect-4-P-430 Anti hail, OptiMax-i Connect-4-R-540 Coating, TerryPlus-i Connect-6-D-260 Terry towel, OmniPlus-i Connect-4-D-340 Sheeting, OmniPlus-i Connect-4-D-190 Car seat, and OmniPlus-i Connect-4-P-190 Bottom weight (100% recycled yarn).
The OmniPlus-i Connect-4-J-220 African damask will be on display at the Stäubli stand, and the OptiMax-i Connect-12-J-190 will be at the Vandewiele/Bonas stand.
At the PicConnect corner of the Picanol stand, visitors can discover everything they need to know about this platform. All of the weaving machines at the stands will be connected to PicConnect.

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