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Programmable sewing workplace for sleeve setting

(Source: Pfaff Industrial)
(Source: Pfaff Industrial)

High-quality jackets, blazers and ladies’ jackets can be recognized by the quality of the sleeve setting. The “sleeve setting“ operation therefore plays a key role, and this can be well achieved with the new Pfaff 3834.
Thanks to the revised feeding system with selectable roller pressers and the new, automatic thread tension regulation, the sewing machine from Pfaff Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH (Pfaff Industrial), Kaiserslautern/Germany, can be operated with even greater process reliability and simplicity. Sewing in of un-gathered sleeves is now easier and more flexible.
For the new Pfaff 3834 sewing machine a thread tension control has been developed that automatically adjusts the thread tension to the material thickness currently being handled. The material thickness detection and real-time adjustment (360° monitoring) feature ensures optimum stitch formation, even when sewing over cross-seams and interlinings. By using the roller presser (running close to the needle), the material can be worked in with pinpoint accuracy. Optimal work with a clear view of the sewing material is assured. The new machine guarantees smooth seams and even stitch formation, especially when sewing sensitive and difficult fabrics.
The coated roller presser comes as standard with the new machine. Optionally, a cross-toothed roller presser is available, which significantly expands its range of applications. This means that the machine can be switched from fine, delicate fabrics to coarse/heavy, hard fabrics in seconds.
Further features of the Pfaff 3834 include stitch-length and fullness amounts in increments of 1/10 mm (within the seam areas the stitch length can be changed), teach in seam programming - size is free selectable, and mirrored seam for alternating left or right sleeve. Furthermore, by entering the grading values the sewing programs for all sizes are called up automatically and it is possible to select the starting point of a seam.
When sewing in sleeves, the dexterity of the operator plays an important role. The new Pfaff 3834 sewing machine provides programmed and sensor-supported features that significantly reduce the workload of the user and lead to a better, more reliable sewing performance. These functions can be called up or changed using the control panel.
Sleeve setting ungathered sleeves with the new machine can be carried out manually or with programmed sleeve setting. An output of approx. 170 jackets in 480 min. (ungathered sleeves, left/right) can be achieved with that new workplace.

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