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Improved darts and waistband pleats

(Source: Pfaff)
(Source: Pfaff)

Darts and waistband pleats play an important role both for the fit and for the overall visual appearance of trousers, skirts and blouses. The main demand on the manufacturer is to guarantee consistent quality and economic processing on a machine that is easy to operate. The new Pfaff 3686 short seam automatic sewing machine, an upgrade of the Pfaff 3586, offers high flexibility with a wide range of seam designs.
Available options are single-pointed, double-pointed, and shaped darts for skirts with integrated waistband. Also available are skirt pleats with and without angular seam, waist pleats with basted seam to better iron out the pleats, short seam to run stitch the seam that is to be worked into the waistband, waistband pleats, shaped darts for ladies’ trousers, and double-pointed darts with a straight. Efficiency, flexibility and performance are the advantages of the new Pfaff 3686. Within 8 hours it is possible to sew e.g. 650 pairs of trousers with 4 darts and 4 waistband pleats (without basted seam).
2 main machine classes are optimized for the different requirements in the different industries, each with different sub-classes and options, and equipped with new DAC-Compact control.
All machines from Pfaff Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH (Pfaff Industrial), Kaiserslautern/Germany, guarantee high quality; high repeating accuracy; seams and pleats with exact measurements. Only brief instructions are required due to the simple and operator-friendly handling. Darts are sewn from the pocket opening to the point. This ensures a slim, neat point with no untidy “dimples”. The patented material take-over station assures exact seams. The feeding table in different sizes (option: with vacuum) ensures exact positioning of the workpieces and their insertion during sewing. This partially overlapping work method enables the economic use of the machine (-23/12 + -25/xx: positioning via laser pointer). Conversion independent of guide rails/pre-programmed seam contours enable a change of operations in a matter of seconds. Start backtacks, condensed stitches at end of the seam increase the quality additionally. The device for a “neat seam start” and the suction device for thread rests are new optional features for the machines -23/12, -25/11 and -25/12.

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