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Parx Materials

Safe and sustainable anti-odor socks

(Source: Parx Materials)
(Source: Parx Materials)

Specialist sock brand Nodor has teamed up with antimicrobial material specialist, Parx Materials to create a new range of anti-odor socks. Using a novel additive free of biocides and toxic substances, these socks from Nodor GmbH & Co. KG, Weyhe-Lahausen/Germany, are designed to keep feet fresh, clean and odor-free – without the environmental damage typically associated with anti-odor additives.

Anti-odor technology is not a new idea, but previous materials have been ineffective and problematic. Rather than using toxic ions, the new technology uses Saniconcentrate, an additive developed by Parx Materials NV, Rotterdam/Netherlands, inspired by trace elements found in the human body. Designed to balance the skin microbiome and protect from bacterial growth, they prevent nasty odors and keep feet cleaner, fresher and healthier. Importantly, the anti-odor properties do not wash out.

The new socks are also more sustainable – with lifelong antimicrobial properties and no leaching, they are more ecological and will not release toxins into the environment.

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