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Talking about water conservation

(Source: Officina+39)
(Source: Officina+39)

Water crisis remains one of the top issues for humanity and 90% of the world's natural disasters are related to water. Officina+39 has been working hard to rethink the way water is used throughout the denim processes: the contribution to the discussion emphasized the company’s practical and consolidated experience in this field, as in recent years their main objective has been to drastically reduce water use in line with UN SDG6. 
On October 21, 2021, Andrea Venier, Managing Director of Officina+39 srl, Biella/Italy, joined an interesting panel discussion during the denim supply chain event Kingpins24 Digital Show.

»The fashion industry is still currently deeply rooted in a linear approach: make, use, dispose.«
Andrea Venier, Managing Director of Officina+39

According to Venier and Officina+39, the fashion world is becoming aware of this reality and is trying to reinvent itself in order to decrease the use of this precious resource and its negative impacts but there is still work to do in order to redesign a better sustainable model, where circularity should represent the new sustainability: circularity not only when it comes to the materials, but also to water. 
In the textile industry water is used as the vehicle for colors and chemical auxiliaries but today many technologies aim at significantly reducing water consumption. Officina+39 is really focused on this target and has developed the Aqualess Mission, a process suitable for conventional machines that leads to a 75% reduction of the water typically used in denim and garment laundry processes, using a waterless technology and saving costs for producers. 
Despite the fact that the start-up cost of investing in the development of sustainable technologies may discourage some in the industry, it is time to realize that these actions cannot be delayed and that we will increasingly hear about water scarcity, water stress and water risk. 

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