Oeko-Tex : New branding to celebrate 30th ann...

New branding to celebrate 30th anniversary

(Source: Oeko-Tex)
(Source: Oeko-Tex)

Based on scientific principles, Oeko-Tex has been promoting transparency in the textile and leather industry for 3 decades. Transparency is essential for enabling companies and consumers to make responsible decisions. Now, the association has created a new brand identity.
The most visible change is the new Oeko-Tex logo, based on a geometric square and an organic circle, which reflect the scientific approach of the Oeko-Tex Association, Zurich/Switzerland, and the nature it aims to protect. The reduced color palette highlights the umbrella brand with a new Oeko-Tex Green plus black and white. The product logos are subordinate to the umbrella brand, creating a unified hierarchy. This will make communication easier for Oeko-Tex certified companies and foster end consumer recognition.
Parallel to the rebranding, Oeko-Tex is launching a new Responsible Business tool and certification to address the challenges of increasing regulations around the world that require supply chain due diligence. Oeko-Tex Responsible Business is based on a large number of international guidelines, most prominently, the OECD guidelines for multinational companies, with an additional focus on climate protection.
Oeko-Tex = registered trademark

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