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Efficient floor coverings bring pleasant warmth

(Source: Object Carpet)
(Source: Object Carpet)

Particularly with the current rise in energy prices, carpets and textile floor coverings can also play an important role as a source of warmth. Comfort in the immediate working and living environment plays an important role in our lives and has been proven to contribute to an increase in quality of life. Admittedly, everyone has their own personal comfort zone. However, from the point of view of building physics, there is a clearly defined range of room temperature in which people feel most comfortable: this ranges between 20 and 22°C. Below this, it quickly becomes uncomfortable.
Textile floor coverings counteract heat radiation due to their structure and the materials used. The perceived surface temperature of a carpet is much higher than that of hard floor coverings due to the reduced heat dissipation. Thus, carpet not only improves the physiological perception of comfort, but also the psychological perception. Measurements showed that occupants still feel comfortable in a carpeted room even if the room temperature is 1 to 2°C lower than in rooms without textile floor coverings.
The manufacturer of textile floor coverings Object Carpet GmbH, Denkendorf/Germany, produces carpets free of harmful substances and with low emissions. They have acoustic-reducing and dust-binding properties.

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