Nextil: Unification of activities in Spain

Unification of activities in Spain


Nextil Group unifies its production activities in Spain by concentrating production facilities of Dogi and Ritex at the site in El Masnou, Barcelona. Until now, each company had its own factory, which will now become one large textile production plant, facilitating economies of scale and improving customer service.
Furthermore, Nextil Group, Barcelona/Spain, has undertaken a commercial reorganization, which now operates by business units instead of depending on each production center: luxury, sport, swimwear, intimate apparel and medical fabrics. This will enable Nextil to offer a more complete service, where customers will be able to contract different services (fabric, garment, sustainable dyeing) through a single interlocutor. 
The reorganization will also result in competitive advantages such as simplified financial transactions, unification of technological and administrative licenses, and greater negotiation capacity with suppliers thanks to increased purchasing volume and economies of scale.
This restructuring will also involve a change of name for 2 companies. The former Ritex will be renamed NEFE (Nextil Elastic Fabrics Europe) and will remain the only production plant in Spain, where elastic fabric will continue to be manufactured. Treiss, the specialized knitwear unit, will become Nextil Premium Garments.
Accordingly, Nextil group now has 4 production centers: 2 in Portugal, 1 in the USA and 1 in Spain, as well as the currently planned factory in Guatemala. 

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