Nextil: Positive results for 2021

Positive results for 2021

(Source: Nextil)
(Source: Nextil)

Despite continued disruptions in the supply chain the turnover of Nextil Group increased by 8% to €63.4 million. Supply chain in Europe and the Americas forced intermittent plant closures, making it impossible to meet demand. Nextil Group obtained a net operating profit (EBIT) of €918,000 in 2021, compared with a €22 million loss in 2020.
EBITDA was €4.7 million compared with negative EBITDA of €8.9 million recorded in 2020, representing growth of €13.7 million. This improvement was possible despite the exponential rise in raw material, energy and transport prices, which had a negative impact of nearly €1 million.  
Nextil Group, Barcelona/Spain, is one of the largest groups in the European textile industry. For the various business units, the Garment Unit consolidated its positive performance with an EBITDA of €6.7 million, more than double the previous year, and sales growth of 23% to €38.6 million. The Fabrics Unit was particularly affected by disruptions in the supply chain due to yarn shortages in the market, which made it difficult to meet the order backlog, even though it had recovered substantially with respect to 2020. Thus, sales in this unit fell by 8% to €24.8 million, and EBITDA was - €2 million.
During 2021, Nextil reorganized its commercial activity into 5 divisions: luxury, technical sport, intimate/shapewear, swimwear and medical. Due to the particularities of each segment, it is necessary to adapt the group's global offer to each category. This reorganization will enable the company to promote cross-selling of products, fabrics, seamless and garments.

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