Montalvo: Partnership on R&D for web material...

Partnership on R&D for web material transfer device

(Source: Montalvo)
(Source: Montalvo)

In a collaboration with TsingHua University, Moltavo has supplied multiple pairs of ES Load Cells and amplifiers for the University’s research and development (R&D) project of a new Web Material Transfer Device. TsingHua University, Beijing/China, specializes in research programs with a focus on addressing global challenges by developing competitive and creative solutions.
The ES series load cells from Montalvo Corp., Gorham, ME/USA, an international specialist in web tension control and web handling, offer the sensitivity to detect the slightest changes in tension, minimizing waste and maximizing the amount of high quality end product. Load cell sensitivity refers to the smallest force a pair of load cells can reliably detect. The greater a load cell’s sensitivity, the better a load cell is at detecting the slightest changes in tension.
Combining performance and functionality, the company’s load cell amplifiers ensure a quality tension signal for the tension controller.

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