Monforts : Coating system for upholstery back...

Coating system for upholstery backing

(Source: Monforts)
(Source: Monforts)

A leader in home textiles and furnishing fabrics, Altun has just commissioned the first MontexCoat coating system in Turkey. The advanced machine has been installed at Altun Tekstil, Bursa/Turkey, and is being employed to provide an anti-slip and textured backing to upholstery fabrics with a stable and uniform foam, via knife-over-roller coating.   
The fully integrated line benefits from universal control technology and the unique visualization system from A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany. The MontexCoat’s bordering system has been optimized for enhanced user-friendliness, while the doctor blade adjustment range is the very precise.
Its integrated operations of Altun include the production of texturized yarns, weaving and raschel knitting, in addition to dyeing and finishing. With a major focus on tulle curtains and upholstery, its fabric range also extends to a wide variety of apparel styles. The company has installed 8 Monforts stenters in various widths at its 2 plants since 2016. All of the stenters are engineered for specific product lines and the MontexCoat unit is integrated into the latest of these lines, which has a maximum working width of 2.2 m and 8 chambers.
»With the MontexCoat unit Altun is able to achieve an even foam application at high speed which results in a very economic process. «
Thomas Päffgen, Sales Manager, Monforts

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