Milliken: Accelerating textile circularity

Accelerating textile circularity

(Source: Milliken)
(Source: Milliken)

To advance end of life solutions for textiles, Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, SC/USA, has joined Accelerating Circularity. The organization’s core work is to facilitate collaborations between the industry actors in textile-to-textile supply systems through the execution of “commercial” trials. This work brings the entire supply network together to develop the products and processes that have the best chance of success to implement circular supply systems with existing capabilities.
Accelerating Circularity, New York, NY/USA, has begun the testing of commercial textile-to-textile supply systems in the USA with financial support from Walmart Inc. Benonville, AR/USA. The initiative aims to speed up the textile industry’s move from linear to circular by moving 'spent' textiles through an entire circular system, from collection, sorting, pre-processing, fiber production, yarn spinning and fabric production, through product design, manufacture, marketing and retail. The trials will leverage new systems and technology for the digital identification of products and materials to create the transparency and 'product passports' required in the circular economy.

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