Mesdan : New generation of tensile strength t...

New generation of tensile strength tester

Yarn strength tester Autofil (Source: Autofil)
Yarn strength tester Autofil (Source: Autofil)

The revision of the popular Tensolab semi-automatic single-column strength tester comes with the introduction of the Tensolab 4. The new tensile strength tester from Mesdan embodies the latest technology, good electronics, new software and new accessories, and very good performances (in terms of capacity, versatility, accuracy and testing efficiency. It has very good testing flexibility, being configurable for testing any kind of textile and leather material, from single and bundle fibers up to garment accessories and technical fabrics.

Mesdan SpA, Puegnago del Garda/Italy, has also developed a new single-position automatic version, the Autodyn 3, with an automatic yarn-loading device. Ideal for the automatic multiple testing of a single bobbin/yarn package, it can be used in the semi-automatic mode as well for testing all other materials, such as fibers, threads, skeins, fabrics, etc.

The latest innovation, the Autofil, is a fully automatic 24 positions yarn strength tester. It is characterized by the integrated automatic cop feeding system, the built-in PC, its versatile applications, compact design and high testing speed, among other things. To complete the range, Mesdan offers 2 models of double column heavy-duty strength testers, Tensolab 1000 (10 KN capacity) and Tensolab 5000 (50 KN capacity), designed for high tenacity technical yarns and fabrics, ropes, straps and similar heavy materials. Finally, there is also the 3rd generation of the well-known portable Splice Scanner.

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